Minimalist Transportation: Making Travel Part of the Journey

It is so exciting to live in today’s world, where rapid transit has never been more prevalent and modes of transportation are multiplying before our very eyes. Forget planes, trains and automobiles, now we have lease a Lexus brooklyn ny services, cruise ships, bullet trains, and even segways to consider. OK, stop traffic for a second (cheesy pun intended) and let’s try and get a handle on all of this. When you want to buy car parts for your vehicle, visit used transmissions for sale schaumburg il.

Although it’s easy to think of roaring engines and traffic horns as the norm, this was not always the case. The Wright Brothers had their first flight just over a century ago, automobiles were only invented about 20 years before that and even bicycles have yet to complete their second century on this earth. So how did humans get around before that? Well the good old-fashioned way, of course: on our feet, like the rest of the earth’s animals (that have feet) do. OK well domesticated horses, carriages, and boats have been around for quite some time, but you get the idea. The point is: slow travel used to be the norm.

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Now the concept of walking everywhere we need to go is practically absurd. In fact, I imagine that most people don’t even consider it an option. The majority of Americans commute to work, run their errands, and attend all manner of activities by driving a car or riding a train or bus from place to place.

Slow Travel

Slow travel is a concept that I have grown to love the practical application of, although that was not always the case. Like many people in today’s world I used to have a packed schedule, rushing around from one commitment to the next, always wishing that traffic would move faster and time slower. But as my life has shifted, so have my views about travel and the role I want it to play in my life.

Slow travel does not have to mean that you literally travel slowly. Although I enjoy taking long walks, I also love to mount a motorcycle and speed off down a windy road, take a train ride through the countryside and I am still in awe of the fact that I can climb aboard a plane and be on a different continent within hours.

The concept of slow travel has more to do with your mentality about traveling. Are we in a rush or can we take our time and enjoy each part of the journey? When we have the freedom to travel slowly, we are able to live life more in-the-moment, deciding to pursue whatever adventure we want as opportunities present themselves along our path. These could manifest as a stop to take in a beautiful view, a spontaneous chat with a friendly stranger, a new route home, spending an extra day or week at a location that we don’t want to leave…the possibilities are endless.

Slow travel also has some common fringe benefits. I find as I connect with others that are moving in the direction of more simple living that many of them have opted to choose more minimalist and eco-friendly modes of transportation on their household movers to get efficiency in moving items. I used to have both a car and a motorcycle, however over time I have gotten rid of both of them. Nowadays I enjoy traveling by foot, bicycle, public transportation, or car-pooling. I don’t have to worry about insurance payments, regular maintenance, repairs, or any of the other expenses and time-consumers that come with owning a vehicle. And most importantly, my travel has become just another fun activity I enjoy in my daily life, which often combines fitness, socializing and exploring.

How to Enjoy Travel

Moving from place to place can be quite enjoyable, when approached in the right way. Imagine having a free, sunny Saturday afternoon and pedals beneath your feet. How nice would it be to enjoy a bike ride to a park to read, or to the water for a swim? Or maybe there are a few errands you want to get done, but time is not a concern so you decide to bike into town and complete them at your leisure.

The best way to enjoy travel is to deliberately make it part of the journey, just like every other element in your life.

We know conceptually that travel can be fun, no matter the mode of transportation. There is nothing quite like the excitement of watching a child learn to crawl or take their first step. As kids we are elated to be able to run around the yard with our friends, or to ride bikes and roller blade. When we hit our mid-teens we start dreaming about driving a car and eagerly jump to go to the grocery store every time something is needed after getting our license. Even as adults, we still (abit maybe secretly) enjoy travel. We gripe about our commutes to and from places while planning road trips, bike or running races, and air travel on the side.

So is it really the getting from place to place we dread so much?

I think not. I have a hunch that what really irks us are the “have-tos” of life. Commuting to work is no fun when we feel like we have to do it. It seems decidedly less appealing to turn on some music, roll down the windows and sing with your tie flapping in the breeze on your morning commute (but wouldn’t it be amazing if we saw more of that?).

The good news is an excited and adventurous attitude towards travel is waiting for you, no matter your circumstances. By merely deciding that you want to make a shift and cultivate a new attitude towards travel, you will start to see changes take place. I also recommend giving yourself ample time to get from place to place (keeping in mind that the more time you set aside, the more possibilities for fun) while decreasing the number of “have tos” on your list.

If you are finding that you really cannot get into a good mindset about traveling, you may want to take a deeper look at your daily life and see what is serving you and what is not. Being stressed or over-scheduled can certainly be taxing, and is often a sign that it is time to try changing something. You may find it helpful to look at elements of these 4 steps to simplifying your life.

Are You Enjoying Your Travel?

I invite you to consider looking at your current relationship with travel. Try asking yourself the following questions and see what comes up.

Do I enjoy the travel in my life? Which parts?
Are there times travel merely feels like a means of getting from point A to point B?
Do I allow myself enough time to travel without feeling rushed?
If not, how can I create more time in my life for relaxed and enjoyable travel?
If I had no agenda, but wanted to transport my body somewhere, what mode/s of transportation would I choose?
How can I incorporate more fun into my daily travel?
In general, how can I create more space in my life to enjoy travel and the other activities I would like to to participate in?