What I Do For Fitness: Fun Minimalist Exercises

Now, as I play more, I get more fit. As my fitness improves, I find I enjoy new and often challenging activities that much more. It’s a great cycle, while I do this I also keep a healthy diet and take juices every morning that I prepare myself, since I’ve been Juicing-Daily with a device I got online.

My Favorite Ways to Move

I want to share with you some of my favorite ways to move in hopes that you will gain some inspiration or motivation for new ways to spice up your fitness and ultimately make it feel like play as opposed to work.

Acroyoga is by far my favorite fitness activity right now. It combines acrobatics, yoga, strength, balance, agility, trust, and a host of other skills. It is done in groups of two or more and is accessible to everyone. I began practicing Acroyoga in August of 2013 and have quickly progressed, finding other acroyogis along my travels and meet-up groups that get together with the sole purpose of sharing the love of flying on each others’ feet.

Bodyweight Exercises are fun and require no equipment; the ultimate minimalist fitness! I do bodyweight exercises every day, whether it’s just doing a few squats, pushups and handstands or taking on the 5-minute burpee challenge or making up a circuit of exercises. Check out this video for some ideas of bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere.

Running is not something I always enjoyed. When I began I could barely manage half-a-mile without feeling like death but by sticking with it my body quickly adapted. Now I can enjoy many forms of running such as trail running, running on the beach, or running in any beautiful or new location in general. I am also getting in to sprinting short distances on flat ground and hills.

Lifting Heavy Things will make you stronger. We can get stronger just by doing bodyweight exercises, but it is fun to lift rocks, barbells, our friends and just about everything else that challenges us. I tried Crossfit for the first time in November of 2013 and found I really loved the power I felt doing the Olympic lifts and was impressed with the rapid gains I made in my strength training.

Dancing must be one of the most fun ways to work up a sweat. There is nothing like turning on some good loud music and letting your body flow to the rhythm of what you are hearing. I always enjoyed going to dances in high school and dance clubs during my study-abroad years. This past year in Austin, TX I also had my first experience with Ecstatic Dance, which brings together a group of 100+ people on a Sunday morning who start the day off right with 2 hours of dancing however feels right for them. I’ve been known to dance in just about any public situation when a good song is in the air and well, man it feels good!

Yoga & Stretching is key. A lot of people neglect working on their flexibility (runners, for example, are notorious for having tight hamstrings) and many don’t even stretch after a workout. Yoga is a great way to stretch and strengthen the body while focusing on moving mindfully and observing what is going on with you mentally as well as physically especially on your flight training chicago il.

Hiking is a great way to spend time in nature and get your heart pumping. I enjoy relaxing rambles through the woods and vigorous mountain hikes alike. There are others decide to take long walks in the woods while they go hunting with great bows that you can get if you click here in this site.

With Limited Equipment there are some fun things you can do. Recently I have started working with gymnastics rings, parallel bars, resistance bands (especially to improve my pull ups), and a slack line. I definitely believe in the less is more philosophy, but if an item adds enjoyment to your life and in this case helps you have more fun improving your fitness, I think it’s worth owning. I personally travel with a jump rope and resistance band and I workout with friends that have more fitness toys. I also find parks with trees, monkey bars, jungle gyms and even outdoor fitness equipment that is great to play on. Once you start looking for it, just about everything can become a place to play.