Brittany Taylor, taken by Ashley ClarkMy name is Brittany Taylor and I am the creator of SimpleLivingandTravel.com. I am an appreciator of life, a nomad, a health nut, a fitness geek, a nerd about personal growth, a lover of nature, and the list goes on. In short, I’m totally into being weird, unique me, sharing my joy and experiences with the world, and inspiring others to find their own unique selves.

In the fall of 2012 I left my office job, downsized my life into one small backpack and hit the road. That is when I began to write and record videos, eager to share my passion for living a simple, healthy life with the world. At that time I also began a website consulting business that I run remotely.

Since then, I have been immersing myself in everything that excites me without holding back. The list of topics which get me jumping out of bed each morning is vast, but all are closely intertwined with my pursuit to live a healthy, happy, meaningful life. On any given day you can find me upside-down playing around with a partner acrobatic move, in a park eating fresh fruit, eagerly contemplating the newest area of personal growth that is exciting me, exploring the grounds of a new destination or connecting with another human being.

In conjunction with some other awesome humans I run Fruit Winter Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand every January. I also attend and teach at other events throughout the year such as The Woodstock Fruit Festival and Inka Fruit Fest, where I offer oral presentations and classes in partner acrobatics. In addition to connecting in groups like this, I also enjoy relating with others one-on-one, which is why I offer coaching and chat sessions as other ways to connect with me.

One of my greatest passions is connecting with others. I love inspiring authentic relationships, a topic that Conor and I talk about on our joint YouTube channel. We also share about topics around alternative relationships, sex education, compassionate communication, and healthy living in general. You can also visit our website, ConorandBrittany.com for more information and products.

Given my unconventional life and desire to pursue health and authenticity to the degree that I desire, I have been known to be called extreme by some. This has come to be a beautiful word to live by for me. I aim to be completely true to myself no matter how far from the societal norm that may put me. I think there is nothing better than finding out what it means to be your own unique self, embracing your own differences and welcoming others’ as well.

I love to learn and grow and I find that writing and making videos helps me do so in a fun, creative way. I have been touched and inspired by all of you who watch my videos and read my content and cannot thank you enough for being a part of this adventure. I hope you continue to find inspiration here!