Goal Setting and Dreaming for 2014 and Beyond

One of my favorite New Year’s traditions is setting goals for the year to come. I get so excited about it that I usually jump the gun and begin focusing and making lists a couple weeks before the turn of the year is upon us, and this year has been no exception. However, in addition to my usual goal-setting, I have acquired a few new exercises that found helped me get more clear about my true dreams and desires for my life, which helped me set clearer goals for both my short and long term future. I also enjoyed the exercises immensely and thus am sharing them in the hopes that you will too!

Writing About Your Perfect Day
I have often heard folks talk about dreaming up your perfect day and always liked the concept, but I did not realize just how profound it would be. I waited until the prospect of doing this felt really exciting, then I went to a quiet place, cleared my mind, put pen to paper (or in this case fingers to keys) and let what came out amaze me. I decided to dream big, not holding myself to any circumstances of my current life or by what is “likely” or “conceivable”. I ended up writing 4 pages that excite me more than anything else has in a while, feel closer than ever about what I want to leave behind as my legacy, and had a blast the entire time.

Answering These 10 Questions
A good friend and coach passed 10 sentence stems on to me, which she got from Martha Beck, another great woman and coach. I my answers to be quite interesting and in some cases surprising and thought provoking. I love anything that challenges me to think about how authentic I am being and truly living.

  1. If money was not an issue, I would: For instance, money is an issue, you can always consider cashcomet’s loan application. visit this site cashcomet.co.uk if you’re interested.
  2. If it wasn’t immoral, illegal, or unwise, I would:
  3. If I didn’t care what people thought, I would:
  4. If I were sure I’d succeed, I would:
  5. If I had the nerve, I would:
  6. If I could be certain it was the right choice, I would:
  7. If I weren’t worried about the future, I would:
  8. If I had the freedom, I would:
  9. As a child I loved to:
  10. I lose track of time when I’m:

Dreaming Bigger…And Taking it Seriously
The number one thing that I have realized as this year comes to an end is that I need to dream bigger. The only person who can decide if our dreams are realistic or not is us. I have decided that I am going to allow myself to dream without holding back. And now with those epic dreams that have been coming up about the life that I so desire to lead, those are the dreams I am going to start taking seriously.

In going along with this, I have decided to not only set goals for the year of 2014, but also goals for 5 years from now and lifetime goals as well.

A lot of the ideas in this post have been inspired by a book I have been reading by Chris Guillebeau called The Art of Non-Conformity.