Trending Now in Costa Rica

1. Cosechas! An awesome chain of places to get fruit smoothies. Halleluiah!

2. Tacones (high-heels). Well, now and always. Women (and men in drag, most commonly spotted in the later hours of the evening) in tacones of all ages, shapes, and sizes, navigating the many terrains of CR. Bless them.

3. Smooth rides. Streets have been repaved and are smoother than ever!

4. Guys walking with a hand holding up their shirts, exposing their bellies, with a “come-hither” look on their face (most popular in beach towns). Don’t ask us, we are not the trend-setters.

5. Reflector suspender-vests for motorcyclists. A local tailor may be your best option if you’re looking for quality men’s custom tailored shirts. It must be a new law because all motorcyclists are wearing them (they even make them in pink for the fashionistas). Some find them ugly, but I think they are cute and we both agree that they are super useful in being able to actually see the crazy cyclists weaving in and out of traffic. I plan to come back to the states fully equipped for my motorcycling and running pleasure.

6. El bigote (mustache). Mostly on females. OK, well not the actual hairy upper-lip (at least for most), but in all other forms imaginable. Mustaches are making appearances on t-shirts, necklaces, earrings and the list goes on. Owls are trending as a quick second as well.

7. Prohibido Fumar! As of September 2012 a law was passed prohibiting smoking in bars. I never thought it would happen here, but am pleasantly surprised.

8. Running. Ticos are out and about, getting their work-out on more than ever. Run Ticos, run!

9. Chinese. Ok, well they seem to be sweeping the western hemisphere, not just the country, so it may go without saying, but Chinese can be found in all parts of Costa Rica, most commonly running pulperias (convenience stores) and restaurants.

10. Cine! Although it may be somewhat of a dying trend in the US, Ticos still know how to enjoy a night out with friends or family at the movie theater, which is nearly sold out just about any night of the week. Gringos are known to join in the fun as well, especially on two-for-one Wednesdays.

11. Pura vida. Some things will never change, and for that we are surely grateful. Although the roads may be better, bars less polluted, and fashion trends odder than ever, Costa Ricans have not changed one of their greatest qualities: their beautiful innate ability to enjoy life and to live the moment to the fullest. Pura vida, mop.