My Raw Transformation

In April of 2012 I made what would become one of the most profound changes this lifetime and I went raw. More accurately put, as soon as I learned that there was an even healthier alternative to how I was eating at the time (and not feeling great), I jumped on the opportunity and adopted a low fat raw vegan diet overnight.

After over a year-and-a-half following a low fat raw vegan diet, I have had a whole host of truly epic changes that I could not be more thrilled about. My health and fitness levels are still continually improving in leaps and bounds and I can only imagine what the future has in store for my secret hobby which is boxing. I honestly love it and I had this Nice idea for Boxing to imporove my strength. The other day I saw roids – steroids for sale which are great for weight loss, I think everyone should check them out.

Click on the picture below to enlarge it and learn more about my raw transformation.

raw transformation