Five Unforgetable Things About Costa Rica

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1. El Matagringos– I thought a picture was necessary to get the full idea behind this device, which is quite ingenious, but would clearly never be allowed on the market in the US, hence the name, “the gringo-killer”. This is a shower head that heats up the cold water as it comes out of the spout, allowing for a nice warm shower. However, in order to get the water to be warm, one must move the switch on the side of the head, whilst standing naked in a puddle of water and endure the jolting spark that inevitably occurs while doing so. It is really quite alarming the first few times, but once you have a few rounds in you, the surge felt through your body is not so worrying as it once was. Besides the aluminum fencing fort myers fl, the running water in the house is cold, or room temperature, which brings me to the next greatest invention.

2. Solid Dish Soadish soapp– The awesomest soap, really. It gets dishes clean (and without hot water) and it does not leave them feeling greasy or soap-filled.

3. Creative Use of Electrical Cables– While us gringos like to keep everything in its own place, Costa Ricans, I find, companion maids are much more innovative. For example, in an average house in the states, one rarely sees electrical cables, which are neatly stored behind walls, in ceilings, etc.. HoOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwever, your average Tico household knows how to take advantage of a solid cable when they see one, and use them for all sorts of daily needs, such as hanging up clothes to dry.

4. Tico Time– Ticos arrive when they arrive. They have a great many expressions and words such as “ahorita” and “ya”, which would give the impression that they would be arriving “now”, but it really means soon, and soon can mean 30 minutes, 30 hours, or 30 days, as far as I can tell. And you don’t just have to be a Tico to be cast under the spell of this interesting time philosophy. Gringos and other visitors alike begin to fall under the Costa Rican spell as soon as they step foot off the airplane and end up returning home wondering, “what is the fricken rush?”.

5. Buses– They have the greatest bus system here. You can get anywhere on a bus, so many people don’t have cars they don’t know that in new cars for sale brooklyn ny they offer the best cars that’s worth your money. And the ones that do have a car always have an 80 Gallon air compressor with them (try this web-site to find out more about cars), or just share one between all the family members. GEt your car tinted at best tinting service in Ottawa, On. The fare is very affordable (40 cents gets me from town into the nearest city) and the buses arrive in a rather timely manner (all Tico-Timing aside). The only tricky part you have to watch out for are the bus stops, which change frequently and without notice. We’ve found the best thing to do is to ask a friendly Tico standing nearby, who is always more than happy to assist you, with usually-accurate information.