Developing Daily Routines and Habits to Live By

Over time I have come to realize the importance of developing daily habits in my life. Some of them are as simple as flossing every morning after breakfast and others have come to include specific physical or mental patterns that I have found keep me on track. I am not rigid about my daily patterns and am open to the spontaneity that each new day brings, however I find that having certain habits in place helps ground me. Also, I am constantly reevaluating what feels right for me and my habits change accordingly.

Some of my current favorite habits include:

  1. Waking up each morning and beginning with “my gratefuls” as I call them. This is where I list everything I am grateful for in my life while smiling and appreciating my life. Only then do I get up and take the first exciting step of my day.
  2. Drinking 24 OZ of room temperature water and waiting 30 minutes before eating breakfast.
  3. Making a smoothie for breakfast.
  4. Sitting and doing nothing for at least 15 minutes. Meditate.
  5. Reading my message from the universe (
  6. Soaking up the sun’s vitamin D for at least 30 minutes.
  7. Doing 100 Squats a day (
  8. Going for a run, hike, or walk in nature.
  9. Taking a hot, mindful shower.
  10. Listening to music or an audiobook while preparing a delicious and healthy salad. Then eating it mindfully alone or while in conversation with a companion.
  11. Immersing myself in a good book.
  12. Winding down with yoga or simple stretches and breathing at night, often by candlelight with relaxing music.

Do you have any daily habits that help keep you feeling your best? Are there more habits that you would like to develop and incorporate over time?