Choosing Your Ideal Destination: 10 Categories to Consider

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Whether you are looking for a long or short term destination, it is important to do your research ahead of time to learn about the place you are going to be traveling to. I love to travel and find myself pondering new destinations frequently. In doing so, I have found that I tend to come back to pondering the same categories, which I am eager to share with you in hopes that they will help you choose your ideal destination. On related information, if you’re planning to travel in a budget checkout this page vacation rentals at Los Altos Resort for great travel deals.

10 Categories to Consider

1. Climate– Think about your ideal climate. What is the temperature like? Is it humid or dry? Is it sunny or overcast? Is it in the rainy or dry season? If you are going somewhere short term, perhaps you want to experience a tropical beach or snowy mountain tops, even though they are not your year-round ideal. However, if you are picking out a location that you are going to spend a considerable about of time in, be sure to really contemplate this category- it’s an important one.

100_5306I have a lot of family in Rhode Island, where I grew up. I love it there and so do they. It is absolutely beautiful and a great place to live…for about two months of the year. I love the summer there and while I even know people that enjoy a couple of the spring and fall months too, the consensus seems to be pretty solid on the fact that the cold months are way too long and frigid. Unfortunately, a number of my family and friends decided to keep putting down roots in the tiny Ocean State and now feel they have too many ties to leave. Thus, they are in a trap of being bogged down by miserable weather for most of the year, waiting desperately for July to arrive. Wouldn’t you like every month to be your July, as it were?

2. Food– This is the fuel that our bodies run on. If we want to feel our best and have the energy to explore everything that we would like, it is essential for us to have good quality, clean fuel. Does your destination have the food your body needs to run on? Will you be able to get what you need to feel your best?

Consider the access you will have to good food sources. Consider the price. Consider the quality.

3. Community– Does your new destination have the communities that you are looking to get involved in and/or do you feel like you could build one there? Perhaps community for you is as simple as having your friends and family nearby. Perhaps you are looking for something more specific, based around a regular activity you do.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4. Transportation– How easily can you get in, get out, and get around? If you fly regularly, it may be helpful to live near a major airport. Will it be easy to come and go, or will it be a big ordeal? If your job involves commuting, can you take public transportation, get there by bike or on foot, or enjoy your daily drive?

5. Income Plan/Internet Access– For me these are one in the same, for you they may be two separate points.

Do you have an income plan that allows you to take business anywhere? If so, this usually involves having reliable internet access. And even if you do not earn money online, having a good connection may be important to you. If you are planning to go to a remote area, or a foreign country especially, be sure to do your research ahead of time.

If you are going to call your new destination “home” for a while and want to work while you are there, do some research ahead of time and make sure that you will have the resources you need. Can you take your business to your new location? Can you find a job doing what you enjoy there?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6. Greenspace– What is your proximity to nature? How far do you have to go to find some green space? Fresh air? Trees? We are certainly a social species that thrives on interaction with our fellow humans, however even the most exuberant of social butterflies likely find that they need time away from the sounds of civilization, time to ground and breathe in fresh air and a sense of peace.

7. Diversity– Living in an area that has people from a variety of cultures and walks of life presents the opportunity to get to learn about others that have interesting differences. To this end we can learn to understand and love one another for our uniqueness, to learn from one another, and to ultimately expand our minds and hearts. You can also consider the diversity of the other aspects of life in your new area, such as the landscape, activities, and so on.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA8. Activities– What are you passionate about? What brings you joy? What makes you excited? What do you like to do? And can you do it in your new destination?

If you are in to ballroom dancing, is there a place around you can dance? Is there a group of dancing enthusiasts you could meet up with? If you are in to a water sport, will you be able to continue practicing?

Does your destination have shows, art, events, music, festivals, etc? The more diverse a place is, often the more wide variety of activities and communities in general are available.

9. Fitness Space- What are your favorite ways to move your body and what do you need to support you doing these things regularly? Do you need a rock wall, gym, dance studio, park, running trail, lake, pool, river, ocean, etc…? Or perhaps you need a sports team or group.

One of my largest passions is acro (also known as acroyoga), and I need at least one other acro-obsessed person to do it, and ideally a whole community of them! So it is no surprise that I often travel to Austin, TX, where they have one of the best acro communities in the world.

10. Good Vibe– The importance of the vibe a place gives you cannot be stressed enough. When you are in your new location you should feel good. You should feel great! You should feel like it is home (even for just a short stay). Even if everything adds up on paper and logically seems like the best place to go, if you just don’t feel right about it, don’t just go anyway. Trust your gut. It knows best.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Consider Your Needs and Cater to Them- I created this list based on what I think are likely among the most common of our needs, however you may there may be other categories you wish to consider. Cater your ideal destination to your unique needs. Also, as mentioned throughout this article, you will likely tweak your analysis of these categories depending on how long you are going to be somewhere and for what purpose.

Recognize That Some Compromise is OK– Finding a place that meets 100% of everything you have ever dreamed of and more is not always possible. Recognize that compromise is OK, especially if you have taken the time to weigh the pros and cons and have a good idea of where you are willing to compromise and where you are not.

For example, for the last few years I have spent most of the cold months in Costa Rica. I am willing to compromise having a trustworthy internet connection, miss out on some of the communities I love, on the ease of getting around on my bicycle, and a few other things. This is because what I am gaining is awesome weather, a beautiful, diverse country, amazing fruits and vegetables, awesome people, culture and language, and much more. After about 7 years of experimenting with my time in that tropical paradise, I have found that a couple months is ideal, and more than that is too long for me.

Set yourself up for success and situate yourself somewhere that access to everything you need to feel your best and ultimately live your optimal life will be easy. Have fun exploring new places and learning about yourself and the world around you!


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