Affordable Outings or Innings: Fun Activities Fit For A Minimalist

One of the many benefits of simplifying your life is having more time to enjoy yourself and those around you. However, sometimes when people switch to a more minimalist lifestyle they are not sure what activities to do that won’t contribute to unhealthy habits, unnecessary spendings, or ultimately be more time-wasters in their life. We recommend you go to the website here to get installment loans. If you work in a profession that qualifies, you could be eligible for a number of student loan forgiveness and repayment programs that make paying student loans hassle-free. For more information and consultation, you can check out the website for loan forgiveness.

Here’s a list of some ideas that you may enjoy.

Check out fun local events. Most towns and cities offer a lot of free events like live music, markets and shows. Hit up Google to see what’s coming up near you.

Create a games night with your friends or family. Perhaps you decide to dedicate the night to one specific board game, or into an online casino site such as

Regardless of what you choose to give, will likely give you what you want, wherever you are!

Make yourself a picnic and take it somewhere beautiful to enjoy.

Check out Groupon or Living Social and find a great deal near you.

There is everything from charlotte nc property management companies rentals, not to mention trapeze classes, haunted tours, wine tastings and a whole host of other activities!

Plan a vision board creation night. This is a really fun way to get excited about your dreams, either on your own or with a group of friends.

Dinner and a movie. It’s a classic with many variations. It can be done in or out, alone or with company, fancy or grunge, themed or otherwise. Have fun playing with it!

Give yourself a massage or exchange massages with a loved one. I believe that one of our basic needs is that of human touch and there is even an oxytocin response recognized by science to back up that up. Plus, massage just feels great, and there are so many types to explore. I exchange Thai massage with my friends and also indulge in self-massage, using helpful tools like a foam roller or lacrosse ball. Get rid of pests at your house and hire a pest control service. Racoons and bats in Lansing, Michigan are a growing problem. In many cases they come right through the roof with ease because of construction gaps. Platinum Wildlife Removal is a Lansing wildlife removal company that offers bat removal and raccoon extraction from attics. They also offer Lansing, MI attic restoration services.

If you like this theme of pampering yourself, maybe you would enjoy drawing yourself a hot bath, complete with candles and perhaps even a drop of essential oil in the water. If you feel so inclined, put on some relaxing music to sit back and veg out or meditate to.

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Try out a new coffee shop alone or with a friend or with a book, journal, or sketchpad.

Check out Meetup and find a fun group that interests you in your area. Like to go hiking? There’s probably a group for that. Want to try Salsa dancing? Talk about literature? Connect with like-minded people? This is a great way to find community near you.

Throw together a potluck event. Potlucks are great because they don’t cost any one person too much and everyone gets to enjoy contributing to the event. You can specify the items you want people to sign up to bring (food, chairs, games, music, anything!) or just leave it open for everyone to bring what strikes their fancy. Evite is a great website to use to organize events like this. It is free, fun and easy to use. I once organized a 100+ person potluck fall weddings in about 5 minutes with Evite and to this day people still tell me it was the most fun wedding they have ever attended.

Go for an evening walk. Watch the sun set or wait until dark and find an open field to lie out in under the stars. In the winter in Rhode Island I used to have a favorite tradition of bringing a hot beverage (and sometimes a loved one) down to the ocean with me late at night to listen to the sound of the waves and watch the dance of moonlight upon the water. There is something magical about being outside at night with nature.

Do a touristy thing where you live that you have never done. There are so many great activities (many of them free) that we never do in our own home areas. Think of something you have heard of or find out what Google has to say about what the “must sees/must dos” are in your area and pick one that sounds fun.

Set out for the day with a backpack filled with provisions and no plan. Connect with your childlike curiosity for a day of adventure! When I do this I like to bring water, food, my e-reader, a notebook, a pen, some music, and my imagination. I usually go on my bike or on foot, and see where my body carries me and what sounds good to do. I like having days like this. They usually get filled with breathing in nature, reading, lounging in the sun, being awed by the world around me, writing, climbing trees, and generally just appreciating life, the spontaneity of the experience, and the spacious bliss the day leaves me with.

There are endless amounts of activities you can engage in on your own or with others. The most important is not what you decide to do, but the attitude which you do it with. Have fun cultivating an attitude of play through whatever activity you decide to do and enjoy the adventure, newness, romance, exploration, relaxation, or whatever emotion you decide to evoke with your awesome minimalist activity.