Simplify: A Self-Guided Program For Your Unique Journey

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Simplify is a program created with you in mind. You, who have reached out to me over the last few years through YouTube, through my website and in person. I have been inspired by your questions and your journeys. Throughout my journey as a seeker I too have been met with many of the same questions and areas of curiosity Bringing together those areas of interest around minimalism, personal development, health, self-love and personal growth in general, I have created this self-guided program.

The intention of this guide is to inspire and delight as we travel together along your unique journey of simplifying and discovering. Simplify is filled with offered exercises to help you along your journey, along with references to videos and articles of mine for further exploration in certain areas. It is my belief that if you follow this guide, using it to enhance your journey in whatever way you feel is right for you, you will experience life-changing shifts.

This program is split up into the following sections:
How to Use This Guide
It’s All About You
Becoming Minimalist
Getting In The Flow
What It Takes to Be You
Letting Go To Let In
Clearing Your Physical/External Space
Clearing Your Internal/Mental Space
Developing Practices To Live By
Being The Change
Appreciating and Feeling Gratitude
Your Ever-Unfolding Journey

Each of the above sections has:
Various sub-sections, which go into detail about the subject matter, describing each concept thoroughly.
Offered exercises to help you dive deeper within your self and to apply the concepts of the section to your own journey.
Supplementary videos and articles of mine referenced for further exploration on each topic.

Set at the price of one coaching session, the content in this guide covers well over what I could cover with you in a dozen sessions. The price is set as intentionally as the content was created. It is an investment in your self that is worth valuing. Feel free to take it at your own pace. For those of you that would like to receive email or coaching support during your Simplifying journey, I have set up packages to support you as well.

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