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Living in an RV

Learn more about Winnie, my 1990 19-foot Winnebago Micro Warrior camper, how she came to be a part of my life and why I love living out of her.

Creating A Vision Board

Read more about how to harness the power of a vision board by intentionally selecting images to inspire your ideal life to unfold before your eyes.

Top 5 Travel Items

I love traveling the world and living out of one small backpack. Here are my 5 top items I have consistently loved traveling with for the last 4 years.


I am an appreciator of life, a nomad, a health nut, a fitness geek, a growth junkie, a lover of nature, and the list goes on. In short, I'm totally into being weird, unique me, sharing my joy and experiences with the world, and inspiring others to find their own unique selves.

Although I have always been a traveler at heart, 4 years ago I decided to dramatically change my life and take to the road full time. Now I love living out of my 19-liter backpack, or in Winnie, my 19-foot Winnebago Micro Warrior camper, spending my days enjoying partner acrobatics, running my business and appreciating life.

I love connecting with the world by through my videos and articles, by running festivals and retreats around the world, and during one-on-one coaching sessions. I attend and teach at events throughout the year, where I offer oral presentations and classes in partner acrobatics. In addition to connecting in groups like this, I also enjoy relating with others one-on-one, which is why I offer coaching and chat sessions.