Job Listing: Looking for Badass WordPress Coder To Collaborate With

I am on the search for badass who knows a lot about WordPress! Specifically, I’m looking for a coder who has a lot more knowledge than I do and a good deal of experience working with Worpdress sites specifically.

I use WordPress for my website and a number of the websites I manage. I have been teaching myself along the way and learning what I need to know to get by. However, I could see it being much more effective to work with someone who could help me out when I’m not sure how to do something and also teach me along the way.

I love reaching out to the community of people that follow me on YouTube and my website because I would ideally love to be connecting with someone who enjoys what I’m all about, has similar interests, and feels like they would benefit from collaborating with me.

Here’s more of the specifics I’m looking for in an awesome person to create with:

-Knowledge and experience of Wordpress sites and coding
-Knowledge about website and web hosting integration
-Knowledge about website SEO is a plus
-An eye for/general understanding of design and the aesthetic organization of a site
-Email and chat support for questions I have as they come up
-Hands on help with certain elements that are more than I want to take on
-A patient and fun teacher to collaborate with
-Someone who loves what they do and would enjoy sharing it with me!

Pay: $12/hour

Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested with the following:

Your Name
A picture of you doing something you love
A short paragraph about why it would be fun for you to collaborate with me in this way
A short paragraph about your experience as a WordPress badass

I look forward to hearing from you!