External Resources

Travel Resources
Google Flights

Plant Based Health Resources
The 80-10-10 Diet by Doug Graham
Raw-Food-Health.net (Andrew Perlot) – Science based health articles
Megan Elizabeth’s Youtube Channel – Delicious, healthy recipes

Inspiring Personal Development
Abraham-Hicks (Law of Attraction): recommend checking out audio on youtube, books, recordings, etc
NonViolent Communication: Book by Marshall Rosenberg on developing compassionate communication
The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedoff
Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now book, plus other works and events
Notes from the Universe: awesome daily email messages developed by Mike Dooley
Conor McMillen’s 30-Day Program – Developing self-observation and self love with an Internal Family Systems therapy approach

Google Calendar
Boomerang for Gmail
Sticky Notes (comes with Mac or download an app)

Partner Acrobatics & Gymnastics
Yogabatics Beginner Series – YouTube videos
Acropedia – Source for videos of Acro Moves
Fit and Fun with Coach Meggin (Gymnastics) – YouTube videos teaching tumbling skills

Minimalism & Healthy Living with Kids
EarthBasedMom.com – Chantel Quick, inspiring mom and blogger sharing about a wide range of natural health-based topics, mostly based in parenting
ZenHabits.net – Leo Babauta’s Blog (Awesome minimalist with a wife and 6 kids!)
Note: I’ve never checked out the following, but followers with kids have recommended them:
5 Kids 1 Condo – Unconventional and minimalist living with 5 kids
The Vons – Adventurous family of 7 collecting memories, not things on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube
The Minimalist Mom – Rachel shares about minimalist life with husband and 3 sons

Recommended Products
Check out items I love here.