Looking for a Team of Badasses to Assist Two Self-Employed Minimalists

Brittany & Conor are on the search for a team of badasses to support their growing businesses. If this interests you and you are passionate about the skills we are looking for, please contact us below as indicated.

About Us

Who We Are
We are Brittany Taylor and Conor McMillen, two humans who enjoy loving life. We have YouTube channels both on our own and together. We love sharing about healthy living, minimalism, authentic relationships, and encouraging people to live their passion. We also love practicing partner acrobatics.

We are currently focused on making YouTube videos and expanding our online presence. We are also creating a few new products, which we sell on our websites. We run a festival in Thailand every January and present at various other health events around the world. We travel full time, usually spending about 6 months out of the year in Austin, TX.

Learn More About Us Here
Our joint YouTube channel on Inspiring Authentic Relationships
Our Website ConorandBrittany.com
Brittany’s YouTube Channel
Brittany’s Website
Conor’s YouTube Channel
Conor’s Website
Conor’s Other Website
Fruit Winter Festival- the festival and retreat that we run each year in Thailand

What We are Looking For

Badass team members who are fun, smart, and enjoyable to connect with to help us with both business and personal tasks. We are looking for someone who is interested in pursuing their own healthy life and who can support our unique, nomadic, minimalist, abundant, plant-based lifestyles. We imagine a collaboration where the tasks and projects that you will be assisting us with will also serve you in your life. We want you to really enjoy the ways you are creating with us!

Starting Rates: $15+/hour (negotiable & dependent upon position)
Hours: Varying, with opportunities for expansion. As a vague idea, we imagine 15+ hours total assistance per month

Personal Assistance
-Doing research and writing emails presenting us with your findings
-Writing emails, making phone calls, answering comments on our behalf
-Making online product purchases
-Making online ticket purchases (airplane, bus, train, car rentals, etc)
-Creating excel spreadsheets and organizing information

Writing, Editing, Simple Website Updating
-Updating our WordPress websites
-Editing and proofing written text for products, website pages and more
-Helping create written content such as newsletters, event descriptions, job descriptions, etc

Marketing & Social Media
-Social media promotion across various platforms
-Help managing various online communities, such as Facebook groups

YouTube & Video Editing + Writing/Blogging
-Annotating videos in YouTube
-Writing video descriptions
-Potentially creating written articles/blog posts from watching videos
-Editing videos in FinalCut

-Creating YouTube video thumbnails
-Editing images in Photoshop (with an eye for design)

Accounting (Different pay than indicated above- decide on pay per job or set per/hour consulting fee)
As our businesses are growing, we would like to make sure that we are on top of all the things an entrepreneur may want to be keeping in mind. While we are good at handling finances and enjoy budgeting, etc, we don’t have much knowledge of how filing taxes, documenting expenses, etc works as a business owner. We would like to find someone who understands what we are all about that would enjoy helping us out in this way. This is what we are looking for:
-Initial consulting
-Guidance managing our income and expense tracking
-Filing our taxes
-Availability by email for questions that may come up


We are looking for team members who have the skills in one or more of the above areas, who is organized and self-motivated because they enjoy what they are doing. We want to collaborate with someone who has great communication skills and who truly enjoys their life.

Please email us at [email protected] if you are interested in any of the above positions, with the following:

Your name
Where you live
A picture of you doing something you love
A short paragraph about your experience being a badass in any of the above areas and why you think you would be a great fit to collaborate with us
A paragraph about you, including an idea of what your life currently looks like and what you would ideally like it to look like

*Please keep responses to one page-length or less

We will likely not be able to get back to all applicants individually, so we would like to say in advance if you apply that we so appreciate the energy you put into this. We look forward to hearing from you!